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INFOTOX is a specialist consulting company providing human health and environmental risk assessment and advisory services to the private and public sector.

Our services include technical support and independent advice related to:

  • Chemical Regulation Compliance
  • Product Stewardship
  • Toxicology and Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Health
  • Environment and Health Data Management

We provide cost-effective and multidisciplinary integrated risk assessment services that assist clients meet their Regulatory requirements and Product Stewardship goals.

INFOTOX is commitment to service excellence and innovation. We follow a holistic approach to ensure that projects are grounded in both leading edge technical expertise and in the context of current regulation and practical business realities.

Your Chemical Regulatory Partner


The INFOTOX Biocides Collaboration Group was created to help companies (specifically SMEs) meet BPR compliance. Joining this Group helps companies reduce costs related to BPR product authorisations, while maintaining full ownership of their product authorisations.